What Kind of Commercial Lease Do You Have? Gross or Net?

If you are looking for a new office cleaning partner, it’s important you understand your commercial real estate lease.

What is the difference? A gross lease is a type of property lease in which the landlord agrees to pay all expenses which are normally associated with ownership, such as janitorial services, utilities, repairs, insurance, and taxes. The tenant pays a fixed rent amount each month, and does not have to worry about anything more. The downside to this fixed cost, however, is that you’re locked into the services that your landlord provides.

A net lease allows for much more flexibility. You pay a base rent, plus pay your portion of common expenses, letting you choose your own cleaning service provider.

At the end of the day, all leases are structured differently and it may or may not include cleaning regardless of the “title” of your lease. If you are unsure, go check your lease! You may be able to modify, upgrade, control your cleaning services the way you want them.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Toronto Offices

Spring is here in Toronto, and it’s time to shake the winter weight off and have employees spruce up their work-spaces. When it comes to spring cleaning, most people spend time tidying up and organizing their homes – but if you’re a business owner, getting employees involved in keeping the office looking its best can provide many benefits.

When your office space has less clutter and fewer distractions, you will see a boost in employees moods as well as an increase in productivity. Use this office spring cleaning checklist, and encourage your employees to clean up their work spaces today.

Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • First, declutter your desk, to give yourself space to clean. Remove everything, wipe down your space and put everything back in an organized manner. Make sure that you keep the things you need close by – including pens, paper and sticky notes – and file away or store anything you don’t use often.
  • Clean your computer. Computer cleanup includes organizing and filing your documents, cleaning off your desktop, and deleting old emails. Change the passwords for your business logins and secure files, too. Don’t forget to clean off your computer screen with a streak free cleaning solution and microfibre cloth.
  • Clean kitchen and communal areas. These areas can really be a breeding ground for germs. Go through the fridge and throw out anything that is out of date or otherwise looking and smelling scary, then clean the fridge thoroughly with anti-bacterial cleaner or soap and water.
  • Clear conference rooms. Throw out anything like loose papers, old cups, and unused equipment that has collected throughout time. Clean and dust all shelves and A/V equipment with microfibre clothes and technology-safe cleaners as needed.
  • Clean the office floors with a vacuum cleaner or mop. It is a good idea to clean your carpets regularly to cut down on stains and bacteria. Occasionally, hire a professional carpet cleaner, who can ensure stains are removed without harming the fabric of the carpet. CleanThat can advise about cleaning all areas of your workplace, including your carpets.

If you would rather let your employees focus on their work during the busy spring months, contact CleanThat to help you with all of your cleaning needs. We will help take the strain off your employees, and ensure your office looks as good as new.

Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing an Office Cleaning Company

When looking for a new office cleaning company, you want to make sure that you perform due diligence, and have confidence in the company that cleans your space. It’s important that you have trust that the cleaning job will be done thoroughly as well as securely.  This will ensure that you will have peace of mind, as well as a healthier working environment

Here are some questions to ask when meeting with a representative of an office cleaning company:

  1. How long has your company been in business?

You want to make sure that the business you choose has a solid history of providing quality service to businesses in your area.

  1. Do you offer the cleaning services that our business needs?

Check out the companies service page to see if they will meet your current cleaning needs. Also contact a representative who can work with you to put together a cleaning package that will suit your business.
CleanThat can tailor a custom solution that works for you. Daily or nightly, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we are here for all your cleaning needs

  1. What types of clients does your business serve?

Asking this question will help you find out if companies have experience providing cleaning services for an office like yours. This is especially important if your office has specific needs or requires specialized care.

CleanThat specializes in all types of office environments, especially open concept spaces where employees share and collaborate with one another.

  1. What are your company’s certifications and standards?

Make sure the cleaning company you choose adheres to strict standards of excellence including a quality assurance program. You also want to make sure that the company is insured and bonded.

  1. How will your company communicate with us?

Your cleaning company should make it easy for you to communicate with them and keep track of progress.

At CleanThat, we dedicate a client liaison to you. If a problem arises, you can give immediate feedback so the company can take real-time action.

  1. Will your employees clean my facility?

Some companies use subcontractors instead of hiring their own employees. CleanThat hires it’s own employees, which ensures loyalty and consistency.  This also ensures better communication between management and the cleaners so any issues can be taken care of right away.  We perform background checks on everyone we hire and also provide ongoing training.

  1. Do you provide the equipment and supplies?

Look for a company who provides all their own supplies and equipment.  Providing supplies for your cleaner can easily add unnecessary dollars a year to your total cleaning bill due to the high volume of product used in a thorough cleaning.

  1. Can you provide me with references?

Unless you’re the company’s first client, they should be able to put you in contact with at least one or two clients they’ve worked with in the past or that they still work with. You might learn some valuable information that makes your decision easier.

Cleaning Company Questions Checklist

Name of Cleaning Company: ______________________________________

  • ❑ Offers all the cleaning services you need for your office environment.
  • ❑ Cleans at a time that’s convenient for you.
  • ❑ Experienced with a history of success.
  • ❑ Provides you with references.
  • ❑ Their own employees will clean your facility
  • ❑ Provides their own cleaning supplies
  • ❑ They have experience working with businesses in your industry and area
  • ❑ You will have an ongoing contact person.
  • ❑ They’re responsive and quick to get back to you.
  • ❑ They can provide you with a no-obligation quote or estimate free of charge.

Contact CleanThat today to book an appointment to discuss your cleaning needs: 416-951-4100

What Are the Benefits to Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service for Your Business?

Regardless of the size of your business, by choosing a commercial cleaning service such as CleanThat, rather than relying on in-house cleaning done by your staff, you’ll benefit from a high quality of professional service without having to hire and manage full-time staff. Outsourcing is a proven, cost-effective solution to ensure your business benefits from the highest standard cleaning service.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing:

1. The first and most important benefit is that you can expect a healthier and safer working environment for your employees. An outsourced company such as CleanThat has the highest quality standards for both health and hygiene. We provide the expertise, professionalism, and ownership to deliver exceptional results you can depend on day and night.

2. Maintain Your Professional Image – It’s important for any business to portray a good image and brand identity. A clean and healthy environment plays a significant role in building confidence and trust with employees, clients, and customers.

3. Increase Productivity – Research indicates that a professionally cleaned office environment is more innovative and productive. When employee’s workstations and surroundings are clean, they feel motivated, happier and healthier. Plus a clean environment reduces allergens and germs so people are less likely to get sick and miss work. Hiring a commercial cleaning service can turn out to be a great investment for the overall benefit of the company.

4. Save money – By outsourcing your cleaning services, you save money on maintenance, employment, equipment, uniforms, inventory, and other cleaning related expenses. We handle the purchasing of high-quality products and cleaning supplies, so you can keep the focus on your core business.

CleanThat’s cleaning services can be modified to suit your budget and cleaning demands. You can customize a cleaning schedule to fit your company’s needs and keep costs down depending on what you need. You do not have to hire or train additional staff on your own. You can rely on us to get the job done and can count on arriving each morning to a sparkling clean office environment.

Keeping Your Collaborative Office Space Clean

Open-concept offices have flourished over the past decade in Toronto, with the intention of increasing collaboration, creativity, innovation as well as using floor space more effectively.  In bringing employees together to break down social walls, you’ll now find areas where workers share the floor, large spaces and even desk spaces, as they move around areas best suited to whatever project they’re working on. You will find staircases that encourage interaction, common areas with bar fridges, espresso makers, comfortable couches, and long wooden picnic tables where people can both work, eat and socialize.

While the open-concept collaborative office seems to be the answer to improved productivity and innovation; however, it also introduces new issues of office cleanliness. With the sharing of ideas, also comes the sharing of equipment such as phones, computers, desks as well as germs. In turn, this can hurt productivity with missed work days due to illness.

The role of the office cleaner is very important in the collaborative offices space. Companies must be even more conscientious about cleaning and sanitizing and keeping air quality clear. Desks, phones, keyboards, work surfaces, floors, eating areas and stairway handrails are germ magnets, so they must be cleaned thoroughly.

At CleanThat, we specialize in making sure that your open-concept office is a healthy and clean office.  Here are some of the ways you can ensure your space is maintained in a way that benefits staff, clients and future business:

Sanitize common work areas

Proper work-area cleaning includes sanitizing the tables, desks and other work surfaces, phones, removing garbage, dust and dirt particles from the premises, cleaning chairs, keyboards and mouses. All these areas must be cleaned and sanitized regularly to prevent the spread of germs. Staff from CleanThat can recommend how often cleaning is required for each of these areas based on traffic and usage.

Vacuum carpets and floors

Vacuuming helps to keep allergens to a minimum as well as eliminating dirt in the fabric. Vacuuming should be done daily in high-traffic areas to keep everything spic and span. A monthly carpet cleaning maintenance program is also helpful and can address cleaning requirements for areas within the office that experience heavier traffic.

Keep Kitchens Clean

Kitchens can often be the busiest places where the mess piles up the fastest. It is important to keep tidy and well sanitized at all times. Making sure waste is disposed quickly reduces odors and bacteria which can spread quickly in an open space.

Cleaning Hard Surfaces

Reduce allergins, dust and food crumbs from common surfaces is important. This can be done using microfiber dusters and sanitizing daily using high quality products to keep clean.

Keeping Waste in One Area

Having a centralized waste area with recycling, garbage or organic disposal is helpful to keep things clean and ensure good air quality. This is helps reduces germs and allows janitorial staff to efficiently collect nightly and transport to the compactor room, out of range.

While it seems that there are many more cleaning tasks involved in the open concept office environment, it doesn’t have to affect your cleaning budget. A cleaning professional from CleanThat can develop a plan that fits your office needs. Also, by following the recommendations listed above you can ensure your collaborative office stays clean helping maintain good business and a healthy, happy and productive team.