Do you provide in-office assessments and quotations for your cleaning services?  


Yes we provide assessments and quotations for our cleaning services. All you need to do is give us a call to book an assessment and we are more than happy to come by and give you a quotation for your office which includes time frame, cost and we can go over any other questions your may have! Our assessments usually take 20-30 minutes to make sure we cover everything fully!


Do you have different types of packages?        


Yes!! We work with you right from the start to tailor a package for you and your business. We can build a package/service level from simply emptying garbage/recycling, light dusting and vacumning to full cleans of boardrooms, loading/unloading dishwasher, after work event clean up and much much more. We take the hassle away...


What forms of payments do you take?        


We take Credit Cards, email money transfers, company checks and cash. We set up the method of payment with you at the assessment. If it changes for any reason please call the office and let them know ahead of time. Our standard terms for our Monthly service are payable upon receipt


Are you bonded and insured? 


Yes. This is an important question to ask, especially when qualifying multiple vendors.


Do you provide supplies?      


A CleanThat contract is tailored to your specific need, this can include providing and invoicing all necessary supplies on a monthly basis. We can also manage dispensers and have excellent rates on inventory and installation.


Do your employees get background checks?  


Yes, every employee has a full background check before we hire them into our ‘CleanThat family’. This includes reference checks, employment history checks and criminal background checks.


Will the same person or team clean each and every time? 


We always ensure the same cleaning team is available for your office contract each and every night. We feel your cleaner is part of your business, they get to know what your expectations are and ensure these are met/exceeded.


Do you charge Tax? 


Yes we charge HST on all our goods + services.


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Got a question? Call us 416.951.4100

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